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How do I care for my jewellery?

Please see our Jewellery Care and Education page.

Jewellery Care

What is your jewellery made of? Is it "real"?

We offer both precious (silver, gold) and non-precious (fashion or "costume") jewellery. Each is clearly identified, and our staff is trained to ensure that customers always know what they're buying. 

For example, our sterling silver styles are guaranteed to be made of the solid metal (not plated). Each item is stamped with a legally-protected, industry-standard hallmark reading "925", "925 SILVER", or "925 STERLING SILVER". (This refers to the ratio of metals in the alloy: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper and other metals. Pure 999 silver is considered unsuitable for jewellery-making due to its relative softness.)

Similarly, gold styles feature a hallmark denoting karat purity, such as 10k, 14k, or 18k.

Our non-precious fashion jewellery is made with a variety of metals and other materials. Many styles feature tarnish-resistant gold and rhodium plating.

Is your jewellery hypoallergenic? Non-toxic?

Most of our styles are essentially free of nickel, which is a primary cause of sensitivity to jewellery. However, because of manufacturing processes, there remains a chance of nickel being present in trace amounts.

If you are concerned about sensitivity, our sterling silver styles, which are acceptable for most wearers, might be the right choice for you. In rarer cases of extreme sensitivity, the only suitable choice might be gold or platinum jewellery.

Concerning toxicity, all our jewellery is sourced through Canadian importers and manufacturers and thus meet Canadian product safety standards. However, all jewellery, regardless of material, potentially contains at least trace amounts of elements which are dangerous if ingested. For this reason, jewellery should always be kept out of the reach and mouths of children

What is your return policy?

We accept returns and exchanges of most items within three weeks of purchase with a receipt. Items must be unused/in original condition.

For sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on earrings or other piercing jewellery.

Do you design/manufacture your own styles?

Our focus is on retail, we don't design most of our styles, with the exception of our natural stone and Swarovski® crystal sterling silver pendants, which are assembled in house by our talented artisans.

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